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10 reasons to Bike your way around Tulum

Actualizado: 29 sept 2023

There is a certain something we all feel when riding a bike - the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, that unique sense of freedom and movement. The rush we felt as kids may now be just a distant memory, but there is a remnant of this feeling somewhere within us every time we hop on a bike, especially when we explore somewhere new.

Tulum offers an excellent environment to bike, where everywhere is within a 20 minute cycle, or only 5-10 minutes in the pueblo. With flat roads & no hills, short distances between neighborhoods, Mayan ruins, cenotes and the beach all in close proximity, biking is not only convenient, it also helps burn some carbs and keeps you fit while helping out both Mother Nature and local traffic congestion!

If all that isn't enough for you, here are 10 reasons why a bike is the best means of transport in Tulum:

1. Perfect pace to explore a new town, new streets, locate restaurants, bars & street food.

2. Move at your own rhythm, observe how locals live, stop anywhere that grabs your interest for a photo opp.

3. Check out the vibrant mural art scene, biking around locations you would never see in a car.

4. On a bike you smell everything going on! Let your nose (and groups of locals) tell you where to find the best tacos & street food.

5. Bike to a range of cenote options located all around Tulum, many are within a short distance.

6. And that cool freshwater will feel so much sweeter after working up a little sweat on the bike!

7. The bike gives you the option to check out many different spots along Tulum beach, explore at your ease until you find the one that best fits your vibe.

8. And avoid the nightmare of traffic & trying to find car parking at the beach.

9. No worries about driving back if you had a couple margaritas! There is a bike lane all the way from town to the beach and cycling this path means you are off the road and out of danger.

10. Visit Tulum Mayan ruins by bike! They are easily accessible, with bike parking right down by the entrance, saving you a 10 minute walk from the carpark (as well as the fee) and allowing you to arrive early before the crowds. Another benefit is that you can bike to the adjoining beach straight after.

Tulum is definitely a bike friendly town and you will find that locals and taxis are generally very accommodating and careful of cyclists. Taking a bike tour in Tulum is also an excellent way to explore Tulum, as you get many of the benefits listed above coupled with the insight of a local guide & a route designed to show you the best of what Tulum is all about.

The “Classic Tulum Bike Tour” is a great way to start your trip and get an overview of the local history & culture, packed with info about the ruins, town, best local tacos (!) and of course the quintessential swim in a favorite cenote. The Cenote Trail Bike Tour” takes the more adventurous traveler out to 3 jungle cenotes, biking off road trails and having a whole lotta fun on the way.

Check out Tulum Bike Tours, the pioneer of bike tours in the area with excellent trip design, expert guides & high quality bikes also available for rent.

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